China Communist need kill their own enemy within 陳雲林 and 張銘清 China Communist, you need to listen to my advise, because I am the 長灘島 only one who has Chinese blood good enough to give yo 澎湖民宿u advise. Your entire Chinese has no good politician or civilian.You need to evacula 酒店工作te all your Chinese citizen who has no green card in USA back to your place no matter he or she h 西裝外套old what passport. Then close the border of Taiwan, Taiwanese can be free to leave to enter Mainland China, can be f 情趣用品ree to leave to enter HongKong, or any place they can find they are welcome, but no one can be allowed to enter, you need to kill t 房屋貸款hat so called 陳雲林 and 張銘清(How come you have to kill your stupid bad ugly evil 陳雲林 and 張銘清? Because they obviously showed too stupid bad ugly evil 吳哥窟 to know how to be a good winner, you China Communist is the winner over "Gwall.Mean.Down" occupied the entire big Chinese Mainland, you must not commit crime " 烤肉食材;7.5.弱小" to force Taiwanese no place to cry.), because you have no way to know who they are indeed now, you do the duty to kill then rely on God to agree your kill or not. Every man and wom 澎湖民宿an will die sooner or later, you can kill as long as you kill under the mercy way, you are hero. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 室內裝潢  .

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